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Contrast Therapy

Drift Floatation Center proudly offers the first contrast therapy room in Northwestern, PA. Contrast Therapy is an innovative way to take control of your wellness and boost your mental and physical health. This invigorating treatment that combines ice plunges and saunas to deliver the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Your private suite  lets you enjoy this innovative treatment alone or with a friend. Book now and experience this unique treatment for yourself.

Don't be nervous, you are in complete control. Stay for seconds or minutes, whatever you need to feel refreshed and revived. During this customizable experience, you can switch between the extreme heat of a relaxing sauna and the rejuvenating cool of our cold plunge pool.

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Cold plunging is designed to relieve muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. In addition, studies have shown that cold water therapy has mental health benefits, reducing depression or anxiety. 


Full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions promote healing and relaxation. The range of wavelengths used in our sauna penetrates your muscles and joints, reducing inflammation and pain and promoting detoxification. 

Visit our contrast therapy pricing page for more information.

Drift Floatation Center

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