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How do you float?

In the dark with no lights or music is the suggested way to float. But At Drift Floatation Center, we encourage each flaoter to customize their experience.

Lighting in pods

At Drift Floatation Center, we offer the ultimate float experience in our state-of-the-art Dream Pod. Our float pods come equipped with chromotherapy lighting, allowing you to change colors or pause on your favorite. Whether you prefer a light or dark experience, our float pods can be customized to meet your preferences. How do you float?

Do you prefer lights on or lights off?

  • 0%I always float with lights.

  • 0%I always float in the dark.

  • 0%Sometimes I use lights and sometimes I do not.

Music in Pods

We also understand that a relaxing float can be enhanced with the right music. That's why our Dream Pods come with the option to float with music. You can choose from a variety of selections and control the music with an easy-to-use button inside the pod. How do you float?

Do you prefer to listen to music or float in silence?

  • I always listen to music.

  • I never listen to music.

  • Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I do not.

The Float Halo for Neck Support

We want you to have the best possible experience while floating with us, which is why we provide a float Halo as an option for those who need extra neck support. Our goal is to help you fully relax and release any tension, and we're dedicated to creating an environment that allows you to do just that. How do you float?

Do you use the neck Halo or float without it?

  • I use the Halo.

  • I prefer my body's natural position.

At Drift Floatation Center we are here to guide you through the process and make your experience unforgettable! Reach out to schedule your float today! 814-406-8015

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Love it. Only missed about 2 months since they opened I float every month


Drift Floatation Center

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