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"Unlocking the Power of Sensory Deprivation: A Look into the Science of Floating"

Floating is based on the concept of sensory deprivation, which involves reducing stimuli to allow the body to repair and recover. This technique is known to promote relaxation and wellness in a unique and effective way. The concept  of sensory deprivation is also why you can’t simply take an Epsom salt bath at home and achieve the same results.

Eliminating Your Sense of Touch

The temperature of the water is a crucial factor in achieving sensory deprivation during floating. By using skin-temperature water, the sense of touch is minimized, and a neutral feeling is created. This feature is essential in enhancing the overall floating experience and promoting relaxation. To achieve the most effective results during a float session, it is best to keep the lid of the pod closed. Maintaining a neutral temperature in an open float tank can be difficult due to the discomfort caused by the air in the room. This can negatively impact the overall effectiveness of the session and the experience of sensory deprivation. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the tank closed to ensure optimal conditions for relaxation and recovery. Rest assured, if claustrophobia is a concern, it is still possible to use a float tank and we would be more than happy to provide you with some options during your visit at Drift Floatation Center.

Eliminating the Affects of Noise

When the lid of the float pod is closed, it creates a near soundproof environment. This feature minimizes the effects of noise on the body, allowing for deeper relaxation and sensory deprivation. Although floating in pure silence is recommended, some individuals prefer to listen to gentle music during their session. Ultimately, the choice between silence and music is a matter of personal preference and at Drift Floatation Center we offer a variety of music selections to choose from if you prefer to listen to music. Regardless of your preference, the benefits of sensory deprivation and relaxation remain the same.

Eliminating the Affects of Light

To achieve the deepest sense of relaxation and promote the body's repair and recovery, it is recommended to float in pure darkness. To accommodate clients who prefer not to float in complete darkness, our pods are equipped with chromotherapy lighting. The soothing colors of the Chakra can enhance the overall experience of floating and help some people relax even more. Clients can easily control both the lights and music inside the pods with the simple push of a button. This feature allows for a customized experience at Drift Floatation Center, tailored to individual preferences. Whether you prefer complete silence and darkness or gentle music and chromotherapy lighting, our pods can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Eliminating the Affects of Gravity

The 1000 pounds of Epsom salt used in our float pods are essential for achieving sensory deprivation. Along with relieving stress and tension, the salt creates a weightless environment that enhances the overall experience of floating. This weightless environment promotes total relaxation of your spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. As your body is suspended in the salt solution, it remains still, maximizing the benefits of sensory deprivation and enhancing the overall experience of floating.

Sensory Deprivation Takes Time

To fully benefit from the repair and recovery that floating provides, longer sessions of sensory deprivation are most effective. At Drift Floatation Center, we offer 60 or 90-minute sessions for this reason. While shorter sessions may be enjoyable, they do not provide enough time for our bodies to fully benefit. The first few floats can be challenging as your body adjusts to the decrease in sensory stimuli. It can also be difficult to quiet the mind and shut off the brain, which is a common experience for many of us. Because most of our bodies are use to being over-stimulated and bombarded with stress and chaos, you could even feel bored. However, with regular floating at Drift Floatation Center, these challenges can be overcome, and the benefits of sensory deprivation can be fully realized.

Reach out today to schedule your appointment and experience first-hand the profound impact sensory deprivation can have on your mind, body and soul!

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